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With KL-Retail Market solution, dealings with dispersed geographies and dealings made with producers and producers’ supply chains and branches can be easily established and an effective and fast procurement, price and distribution management is aimed at.

With these solution applications, it is aimed to bring complex retail processes management to a level that is easy to use with user friendly simple screens.

KL-Retail Markets Module

  • Management of regional procurement processes that companies carry out with producers and suppliers
  • Management of price differential processes
  • Elimination of confusion caused by sell outs
  • The decomposition of stores into categories (Discount, supermarket etc) and the management of products on this basis
  • Data exchange with seamless integration with all cash-approved cases and scales being used
  • Purchasing and inventory management based on periodic sales turnover
  • Management of distribution chain with effective demand and order practices
  • Calculation of turnover and price differences taking into account price changes such as activity, insert and cash return
  • Actual cost
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Accurate accounting integration
  • Integration with all cash registers
  • Instant reporting of sales

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