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KL Retail D-POS is a product that works in 7 different language options which can be used with a touch or normal PC designed according to the needs of Duty Free stores.

KL Retail D-POS is fully integrated with Logo products, so all the possibilities and features of Logo can be used. All data entries (materials, prices, cashier definitions, etc.) are made from the Logo.


KL-Retail Duty Free Pos

  • Online / offline operation
  • Can be sold by reading boarding card
  • You can see totals from all currencies in one screen during sales
  • Cash in cash Input / Output possible
  • Multiple currencies or multiple credit cards
  • Discount (Discount)
    • Material-based
    • Document-based
    • On a percentage or tangential basis,
  • Can be used on touch or normal PC
  • Limit can be set for desired products
  • Document can be held
  • Internal calls can be made between customers (Card Number, Customer Name, Mobile Phone, Invoice Number etc.)

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