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Kalem Yazılım

Kalem Software has produced ERP solutions for the public, retail and logistics sectors since 1989 and has accomplished over two thousand (2,000) projects in these sectors.

We saw each project received as an opportunity for new analysis and encouraged the customer’s team to criticize and make new requests, thereby allowing the solutions to be owned by users and managers in a short time.
We have moved the project development venues to the customer side continuously, thereby making it easier for the analyst and the developer team to understand the work and to be transferred to the customer side of previous project experiences for improving business processes. Development technique.
As Kalem Yazılım, the international and local sector experiences that we acquired are transferred to LOGO products. We are working together with LOGO Yazılım which has experienced and strong team.
To logistics and retail sector studies, contributions are provided by Kalem Yazılım’s experienced team who worked in hundreds of projects, and by customers, who were in the forefront of the sector, with their opinions, expectations and criticisms. As a result of this, all the common needs and expectations of the industry are designed as user-friendly, non-complex screens. With the prepared cockpits complex ERP processes has become understandable simple screens. With this method, both the customer’s understanding of the project purpose and the contribution to the project have been facilitated, and the project has reduced the procurement costs to low level.
As Kalem Yazılım, we have not been afraid of keeping the scope of project big and have delivered all the needs determined as a package application. Most importantly, we have aimed to approach to the customer, who wants to buy the project, in the frame of the question “are this what you need?” with tangible, visible product.