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With KL-Retail Food POS, fast food companies like restaurants, takeaways and countertops can save customers’ orders in the system and pay them easily. All transactions are user-based, and information can be quickly accessed, such as instantaneous or how much balance is left at the end of the day. Purchases can be made according to the instant inventory balances of the branches.

KL-Retail Food POS is fully integrated with Logo products, so all the facilities and features of Logo can be used. All data entries (materials, prices, waiter, cashier definitions, etc.) are made from the Logo.

KL-Retail Food Pos

  • Working as online / ofline
  • Integrated with yemekesepeti.com
  • Caller ID feature
  • With single operation
    • Open table
    • Entering an order
    • Close account or transfer to another account
    • Custom request for orders (slightly salty, undercooked, overcooked)
    • Combining and transfering table
    • Making a discount
    • Printing an order
    • Get X and Z -Read
  • Current Account’s
    • Detailed follow-up
    • Open Account
    • Payment from different branches
    • Setting a risk limit
    • Define custom customer cards for desired accounts
    • Activate, promotion
  • Detailed reporting
    • Sales report for different criteria
  • Language Support

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