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KL Retail Fuel Management application can manage all processes from stock management to accounting under one program.

KL-Retail Fuel Management is fully integrated with Logo products, so all the possibilities and features that Logo has provided can be used. By working together with KL-Retail Fuel Management and KL-Retail Market Module’s Logo solutions, all market and fuel operations of the station can be presented and reported with a single program.Automated data can be instantly reflected in the system and interpreted.

KL Retail Fuel Management

  • Market sale / purchase
  • Instant stock viewing (including white and LPG stock movements)
  • Instant current follow-up
  • Online / offline operation
  • Integrated with Automation System(Ability to work with online or archive monitoring)
    • Turpak-Pumpomatt,
    • Mepsan-Stawiz,
    • Asis-Petech
  • Shift-related movements
  • Instant sales status monitoring during shift (Fuel based)
  • Shift-Pumper On-Over follow-up
  • Automatic waybill / billing facility for current fuel sales
  • Tally of current fuel sales
  • Cash, credit card collections, bank statements
  • Receivable / Debt maturity
  • Automatic dispatch facility in Otobil / TTS Sales
  • Cash register, pump, gun, tank identification
  • Credit card reimbursement plan, commission follow-up
  • Can see sales details
  • Excel reporting
  • Manual counter, Z balance
  • Station and market sales can be seen in the same report

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