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KL-Retail Shopping Mall Management Software can be used in shopping mall, site and building management and will save time and make your business processes walk with less errors.

KL-Retail Shopping Mall Management is fully integrated with Logo products, so all the facilities and features that Logo has provided can be used.

KL-Retail Mall Management

  • Workplace registration can be done separately as tenant or business owner
    • Tenant and business owner information can be entered
    • Can record population and contact information
    • Can be tracked
  • Businesses can be debited monthly or annually (bond, bank guarantee, check, etc.)
  • Can check businesses general status.
  • Payments of debts of the requested months and default interest amounts can be printed
  • Payment tables can be seen, debt paid accrual procedures can be done
  • Unlimited number of shopping mall definitions can be made
  • Can be used on multiple computers as a multiuser
  • Lease contracts can be recorded in different terms to meet different requirements
  • Rental prices for different types of currencies

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